Fiber Optical Switches

We produce best-in-class performances/reliability fiber optical switches with price competitive guarantee for volume orders. Agiltron offers the most extensive selection of fiber optical switches on the market. These switches are optimized for various application scenarios using multiple advanced technologies perfected over 20 years.   The table below guides switches selection according to the applications. All switches can be delivered in PM fiber and high power version with driving electronics and control software as well as in a turn-key net-ready box. Agiltron also provides customized designs with complex integrated functions.

Fiber Optical Switch Selection Guide by Applications
Test, Measurement
Fiber-Fiber™ MEMSLatch™
Spectroscopy Fiber-Fiber™  
Protection, Bypass
LightBend™ Fiber-Fiber™
Fast Switch, High Reliability CrystaLatch™
High Speed NanoSpeed™
Mini Size MEMSLatch™
Matrix NxM MEMSLatch™